Stance on Recent LGBTQ Legislation

The Executive Board of the Southeastern Women’s Studies Association condemns recent legislation, such as North Carolina’s House Bill 2 and Mississippi's House Bill 1523, that legally sanctions discrimination against LGBTQ populations. As an organization, SEWSA is committed to eliminating oppression and discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity and expression, race, age, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic background, physical ability, and class. In addition, one of our priorities is ensuring the safety, security, and comfort of our membership as they travel to and attend our annual meetings. Consequently, though we will continue to support our colleagues and the programs and departments in the affected states served by SEWSA, we will consider whether states have legally sanctioned discrimination against LGBTQ populations when selecting future conference sites. As a professional organization whose goal is to end oppression based on sex, gender, and sexual orientation, we regard state level efforts to roll back and otherwise obstruct LGBTQ rights as policies which stand in stark opposition to our core principles.


This statement was approved by the Board on April 16, 2016.