Envisioning a feminist and queer south
March 7-9, 2019 | oxford, MS

The Sarah Isom Center for Women and Gender Studies at the University of Mississippi is pleased to host the 2019 SEWSA Annual Conference. Our theme considers the distinctive role of gender studies programs in the South in fostering interdisciplinary scholarship, social change, and the creation of inclusive spaces.

Gender studies has always challenged the status quo, questioned conventional wisdom, and combined theory and practice. As we approach the fiftieth anniversary of the first women’s studies program, we must remember that women’s studies, from its inception, ranged across the disciplines, moving from theory to practice to theory, and insisting on truly interdisciplinary inquiry that allows questions of gender and sexuality to disrupt our assumptions. Gender studies, at its best, has always queered the boundaries—of region, of discipline, of identity, of nation.

Gender studies’ distinctive integration of teaching, scholarship, programs, and advocacy has never been more essential, particularly in the South in the current historical moment. Unprecedented interest in feminism and a resurgence of activism exists in the same space as increased anti-gay, anti-immigrant, and anti-choice legislation. In such a climate, this year’s SEWSA takes the opportunity to draw insight and inspiration from the past and chart a course for a South that is more equitable, more feminist, and more queer.

We invite proposals that envision a feminist and queer South within a wide range of theories and practices of transformation. All disciplines, methodologies, and styles of presentation are welcome, and from scholars at all levels.

Possible presentation topics might include (but are not limited to):

  • The current state and future of southern activism

  • The LGBTQ+ movements and feminist movements in the South

  • The multicultural South

  • Increasing women and LGBTQ+ political representation

  • #MeToo and confronting rape culture

  • Digital media and activism

  • Mass media portrayals of the South

  • Sanctuary cities and immigrant rights in the South

  • Labor activism in the South

  • Southern Foodways and activism

  • Black Feminist Leadership and social movements

  • Indigenous perspectives on resistance and social change

  • Disability activism

  • Trans rights and public policy

  • Adapting pedagogies, within and beyond the classroom

  • Queer and feminist narratives in the South

Session Types and Instructions:

  • Individual presentation proposals: 200-word proposal

  • Panel presentation proposals: 3-4 presenters, 600-word proposal (We strongly encourage panel proposals from graduate and undergraduate students.)

  • Roundtable proposals: 6-8 presenters, 10-minutes each (600-word proposal)

The submission deadline for 2019 has passed.

Click here for a printer-friendly version of the CFP.