Institutional Membership

SEWSA strongly encourages programs in the Southeast to become institutional members.  Your institutional membership supports SEWSA’s annual conference, the SEWSA dissertation grants, and student travel awards.

The benefits of an institutional membership include:

  • Member institutions are eligible to apply for SEWSA mini-grants up to $500.00
  • Member institutions are given one (1) SEWSA membership for the program Director (or similar) at no cost for one calendar year
  • Member institutions can promote upcoming events, faculty awards and publications, and other items on our SEWSA Announcements page

Institutional memberships are valid for one calendar year.

SEWSA Institutional Dues

  • Ph.D. granting department/program = $150.00
  • M.A., M.S. granting department/program = $120.00
  • Graduate Certificate granting department/program = $90.00
  • Small program/Center/Non-Profit with non-salary budget <$5,000 = $70.00

Please select your level from the PayPal menu. When you complete your transaction, please complete the contact/address information so that we can confirm your membership. Thank you!

Institutional Membership