Transformations: Leading Change
March 1-3, 2018 | Clemson, SC

The program in Women’s Leadership at Clemson University was pleased to host the 2018 SEWSA Annual Conference. The theme for the conference was “Transformations: Leading Change” as we hoped to capture a unique moment in our history marked by a resurgence of activism and the need for new theoretical and practical transformations of our cultural, political, and economic landscape.

Events like the 2017 Women’s March on Washington and the Day Without an Immigrant signify the potential for transformation in our current political climate. As we gathered in Clemson, we reflected critically on the opportunities of this moment and drew insight and inspiration from past transformations of communities and institutions. Where do we see space for progressive leadership, and how might our notions of feminist leadership need to change? How do we more fully realize intersectionality and radical inclusiveness? How do we reconcile our ideals with practical and institutional constraints?

Proposals considered a wide range of theories and practices of transformation. All disciplines, methodologies, and styles of presentation were welcomed, and from scholars at all levels. Suggested presentation topics included (but were not limited to):

  • The current state and future of activism
  • Transforming theory from the ground up
  • The LGBTQ+ movement post-marriage equality
  • Black Lives Matter and Black Feminist Leadership
  • NoDAPL and indigenous perspectives on resistance and social change
  • Disability activism and responses to ableism
  • Trans* rights and public policy
  • Bringing personal stories to the public sphere
  • Cultivating leadership at the grassroots level
  • Adapting pedagogies, within and beyond the classroom
  • Practicing intersectionality and inclusion

Session Types and Instructions

  • Individual presentation proposals: 200-word proposal
  • Panel presentation proposals: 3-4 presenters, 600-word proposal (We strongly encourage panel proposals from graduate and undergraduate students.)
  • Poster presentation proposals: 150-200 word proposal