#GENDER - Embodying, crafting, & disrupting 'the digital'
MARCH 23-25, 2017 | atlanta, ga
Conference website

The Gender and Women's Studies Program at Kennesaw State University hosted the 2017 SEWSA Annual Conference. The below is the general call for papers that was the foreground of the conference.

The term 'digital' was introduced in the first half of the twentieth century to distinguish a new kind of technology distinct from its analog predecessor. The rest of the century saw the digitization of virtually everything, from electronics and media to art, economy, education, and activism. Feminist scholars, activists, and artists have emphasized the democratic and participatory possibilities of digital environments and technologies, especially their abilities to foster collaboration, new communities and spaces, multiple voices and representations, interventions, and complex linkages across social, cultural, historical, geographical, national, and generational borders. Feminists have also warned against romanticizing these ideals, highlighting the ways in which digital environments and technologies can often reinforce hierarchies and hegemonic distributions of power.

Acknowledging the newness and expansiveness of the multiple ways in which 'the digital' has transformed our lives, we invite participants to explore the conference theme in their own personal, scholarly, and/or creative ways. We encourage papers, panels, and presentations in both traditional and alternative formats from undergraduates, graduates students, and faculty from across the academic disciplines, as well as from social justice activists, artists, and community members in regional, national, and international contexts. We also welcome posters from undergraduates for a special undergraduate research session. Suggestions for proposals that choose to address the conference theme might include engaging the way in which digital realities have transformed one or more of the following:

Theorizing everything from gender & sexuality to materiality & temporality.

Acting, organizing, strategizing, and intervening in digital spaces and between digital and physical spaces.

Disrupting new forms of hierarchy, oppression, and domination.

Networking, constructing, and interrupting in transfeminist and LGBTQ communities.

Embodying ideas and practices, from medical technologies to the digital documentation of embodied lives.

Connecting, collaborating, creating new communities and spaces, engaging multiple voices, and making complex linkages across social, cultural, historical, geographical, national, and generational borders.

Loving & Hating within mediated practices of dating, sexuality, eroticism, & pornography to innovations in alienation, harassment, & hate.

Teaching & Learning through innovations in feminist & queer pedagogies, online learning, & open access education.

Researching transformations in scholarship, knowledge, and archives in digital contexts.

Representing, Making, & Remembering via new developments in digital arts and performances, crafting, creating, storytelling, and archiving.

Crossing Borders social, cultural, racial, historical, geographical, economics, national, and generational.

Programming, coding, and gaming new digital and cyborgian worlds.

Accessing and lack of access to technology and digital resources.

Please submit 200-word abstracts by Tuesday, November 1, 2016 for consideration for the General Call for Papers or by Tuesday, October 18, 2016 for consideration for the People of Color Caucus Call for Papers, the LGBTQ Caucus Call for Papers, or the Student Caucus Call for Papers.

Proposals will be submitted through the SEWSA 2017 conference webpage managed by Kennesaw State University. Select "Submit Proposals" and then select the category for your proposal submission. You may submit to more than one. For any questions regarding submission, please contact the Conference Chairs at sewsa2017@kennesaw.edu.