April 18-20, 2013
outrage!: discourses, practices, and politics of protest and social transformation

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program at the University of North Carolina Greensboro was proud to present Outrage!: Discourses, Practices, and Politics of Protest and Social Transformation, the 2013 conference of the Southeastern Women’s Studies Association. The conference was held on UNCG’s campus, April 18, 19, and 20, 2013.

The conference topic was chosen in the wake of Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street and anticipating dialogue regarding interrelationships among women’s, gender, and sexuality studies and social change. Interest in the topic was fueled anew by activism around the May 2012 passage of Amendment One to North Carolina’s Constitution (banning same-sex marriages and civil unions); the June 2012 silencing of two Michigan Congresswomen, one for using the word “vagina” in floor debates about an abortion bill; and the news that in Ciudad Juárez more women have been killed in 2012 than in any other year of the “femicide era”.

Thank you, UNCG for hosting a very successful conference!